IOTarot – designer card deck by: pxdg


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IOTarot cards

Limited edition: 275 decks

22 designer cards + 1 title card + storage box by the artist “pxdg”

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Art meets technology

Created in February and March 2021, the IOTarot was one of the very first IOTA related artworks.
Each of the 22 cards is a tiny painting, depicting scenes and anecdotes from the IOTA and crypto universe. In its entirety, the cards make up a unique piece of IOTA history.

The signed and numbered print edition is limited to 275 decks, making them a true rarity. These full decks will never be sold again.

Additionally, every buyer will receive the new “Three of Coins” card free of charge early in 2022. Once technically possible (outside of testnet), you will also receive this card as an NFT. Both the physical card and the NFT are exclusively for owners of these decks and won’t be available anywhere else.

What you will get:

  • 22 designer tarot cards by the artist “pxdg
  • 1 title card, individually numbered and signed
  • custom made cardboard folding box
  • exclusive 23rd “Three of Coins” card shipped in 2022**
  • the chance to get an exclusive “Three of Cards” NFT by once technically possible***



Product informations:

Designs by: pxdg
Produced / manufactured by: pxdg
Material: cardboard
Size: 7cm x 12cm x 1cm
Weight: ca. 80g




Additional informations / disclaimer:

*Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.
**As soon as this card is available, owners of IOTarot will have the opportunity to order it for free.
***The option for an NFT cannot be guaranteed at this time. When and if this is possible depends on the technical progress of the IOTA network. The NFT is an option that is kept open for owners of IOTarot, but it is not part of the product offered here.

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